Elevate your interior design with this exquisite fibrous fluted pilaster and Corinthian capital combination. This architectural element brings the timeless elegance of classical Greek and Roman design to your space.

Key features:

  • Complete pilaster with fluted shaft and ornate Corinthian capital
  • Crafted from durable fibrous plaster for a lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Intricately detailed capital with classic acanthus leaves and volutes
  • Fluted column shaft for added visual interest and authenticity

The Corinthian capital showcases beautifully rendered scrolls, acanthus leaves, and a delicate floral centerpiece, epitomizing the most ornate of the classical orders. Below, the fluted pilaster shaft adds vertical emphasis and creates a play of light and shadow along its length.

Ideal applications:

  • Wall embellishment in luxury homes or high-end commercial spaces
  • Framing doorways or archways for a grand entrance
  • Creating visual divisions in open-plan areas
  • As a decorative element in home theaters or music rooms
  • Perfect for staging in real estate photography or interior design showcases

This pilaster and capital combination offers a versatile decorative solution, whether used as a standalone piece or in pairs to frame architectural features. Its classical design brings a touch of sophistication and historical charm to any interior.

Transform your space with this stunning piece of architectural decor, merging the grandeur of ancient design with modern craftsmanship.