Bring the opulence of the Victorian era into your home with our exquisite Victorian-style fibrous plaster ceiling rose. This decorative masterpiece features an enchanting floral design, reflective of the period’s fascination with botany and the language of flowers.

Key features:

  • Victorian floral motifs
  • Delicate detailing: Fine tendrils, leaves, and swirling patterns
  • Fibrous plaster material: Lightweight, durable, easy to install
  • Paintable surface: Customize or leave in classic off-white
  • Versatile sizing: Available in small, medium, or large

This ceiling rose will add a touch of romantic charm and historical grandeur to any room, from cozy bedrooms to formal dining areas. Its timeless design harmonizes with both traditional and modern Victorian-inspired interiors. Elevate your space with this beautiful Victorian floral fibrous plaster ceiling rose.